BLOG 6: “I wouldn’t have had a baby if I stayed in my old life” – Julie Glasscock

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Utopia! This week I finally managed to get hold of Julie Glasscock, one of the co-founders of Kadagaya – the only community in the whole world that is practicing a resource based economy.

Check out their ‘day in the life’ video of Kadagaya here!

Kadagaya, meaning ‘abundance’ in English, is located in Peru on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. It is a self-sufficient community aiming to be a full RBE as they develop. Julie is sat in her home made office with her young son where she Skyped me from her slice of rural heaven that she calls home, to tell me all about her lifelong project of creating Kadagaya.

They started from nothing but a patch of farm land, so they have had to build everything from scratch.

The workshop: from paper to reality

However, getting power is a huge problem when you are setting up camp in the Amazon. At Kadagaya they are striving to be self-sufficient. They are using a combination of scientific methods to set up their hydroelectric water supply which they hope one day will be able to power the whole community.

Learn more about how they are generating their own power here!

With limited power comes an abundance of problems. In fact, Julie only turned the power on to talk to me! I had great difficulty trying to arrange an interview with Julie in the first place as we were communicating over email, but when their power was down, which could be for weeks at a time, we would lose contact completely. As a millennial myself, I couldn’t imagine living with no power!

I really wanted to know what sparked Julie and her husband’s minds to move to half way around the world and start again in the middle of nowhere.

With her desire to leave the busy city life and escape the system, I couldn’t help but wonder how they live, although they are not completely RBE yet, are they already growing their own food?

“We have a lovely climate but we also have a lot of pests” Julie said, making it particularly hard to grow everything organically. It has not been Julie’s priority to grow all food themselves just yet as they are being held up with their power issue, but Julie says what they can’t grow they do source from the local communities.


Cacoa fruit grown in the Amazon
Fruit and veg harvest from the Kadagaya farmland
Pineapple plantation right next to the Kadagaya land
A variety of banana breeds growing in abundance for the Kadagaya community

A resource based economy is about creating more than enough resources to satisfy the community, I asked Julie what she thought about RBE’s ties with communism.

Quaint and beautiful, Kadagaya is being made to home upwards of 40 people, but during this transition period it must be lonely being so far from old family and friends.

Yet, Julie believes she has gained so much more than she has lost.

Living with her small family, Julie’s son will be the first child brought up in an RBE community segregated from ‘the real world’, but she believes this is for the best.

That’s all the best bits from mine and Julie’s interview, there’s no vlog today as it was another phone interview and I didn’t want to bore you! But make sure you check out the my twitter @utopiadoc and instagram @utopiadocumentary accounts!

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All images and videos belong to the community Kadagaya, originals can be found here


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